Schmalenberger pumps in the glass industry

Water treatment in the glass industry represents a major challenge for pumps. Cooling and process water frequently contains glass particles, grinding dust, oils and additives. Packaging glass, technical glass or flat glass: diverse production plants demand individual solutions. We have them, so please talk to us:

Application areas
for Schmalenberger pumps:

  • Cooling water transport
  • Filtration
  • Separators
  • Treatment of grinding water

Areas of use
of Schmalenberger pumps:

  • Endless and vacuum band filters
  • Cooling towers, lehrs, cooling systems
  • Coating systems
  • Cleaning systems

Our recommendation for cleaning systems in the glass industry:

Many of our pumps can be used in the glass industry. The ZHB, ZHS, ZHT, TH and DUO pump types can be equipped with multiple discharge outlets for a wide variety of duty points.