Schmalenberger pumps in industrial cooling

The challenges faced by pumps in industrial cooling are enormous. Extreme temperature differences, high delivery heads and compact designs demand a reliable and stable delivery pump. We provide optimum delivery solutions for open and closed cooling circuits.

Application areas
for Schmalenberger pumps:

  • Pre-cooling
  • Coolant supply
  • Pressure boosting in the cooling circuit
  • Recirculation/Reprocessing

Areas of use
of Schmalenberger pumps:

  • Cooling equipment and systems, compressors (mobile or stationary)
  • Cooling of industrial processes
  • Cooling of welding plants and transformers
  • Cooling of industrial and medical laser systems
  • Heating pumps
  • Evaporators/Condensers

Our recommendation for cooling of industrial processes:

Our KSP pump type is a multi-stage, self-priming centrifugal pump that can be individually configured for your processes in terms of performance and material selection.